School of Leadership


The School of Leadership uniquely blends biblical theology and practical leadership training. It is designed to equip the next generation of leaders with the skills and knowledge to make a real impact, ignite change, and glorify God in all they do. Our method is described as a communal practical applied theology and lifestyle.


We believe it is essential to discover and understand who God is, to be shaped individually and collectively into His Image. Not only will students grow in their study of God, but they will also be held accountable for living out the biblical standard.


We believe that gaining experience in various aspects of ministry allows students to explore different career paths, identifying which most aligns with how God calls them to serve and lead. Practical experience also offers the chance to develop a network within the greater Church community and to develop sound theology and Biblical truths.


We believe and know that in unity, God commands blessings. We will strive for uncommon unity in a world where unity is uncommon. As the Image of God, we are called into a relational unity with the local church, community, and world to ignite change and glorify God.


We believe that the body is a temple that holds the Holy Spirit. We, as believers, have been called to strengthen and honor our bodies to steward them well. Physical conditioning, soundness of mind, and purity of the body are concepts that we practice.



One year at a private university tuition is $20,000. A similar program at a Christian university tuition is $15,000.

The School of Leadership tuition is $3,500. The tuition includes course materials, supplies, building costs, staffing, retreat/conferences, guest speakers, and other program-related costs.

  • Associate degree in theology from CLST* after completion and passing
  • Mission trip
  • 24/7 gym membership and weekly training
  • Practical ministry experience
  • Guest speakers and teachers
  • Personal mentor